Hello World Cup!

It’s not even the end of Day 5 of the 2010 World Cup and already so much injustice has been recorded – missed fouls, unfair bookings, a dodgy sending off and an offside goal –  that I can no longer remain silent about FIFA’s refusal to take all reasonable steps to discourage such foreseeable “errors”, by refusing to allow referees the same tv replays we couch potato pundents base our judgments on.

FIFA’s refusal is threatening to allow football’s World Cup, the showcase event for the world’s “Beautiful Game”, to become just another reality TV show, where winners can be decided by guile and deceit rather than skill and integrity.

There are enough un-sporting organisations off the field with vested interests in what happens on it – how fortunate for BP and their shareholders that England could only manage a draw with the USA?  (And how appropriate that the guy credited with giving the USA the point and indeed who stopped them getting all three, is called “Green”?) – that the last thing the game needs is any suggestion that its ruling body isn’t doing all it can to ensure the best team wins.

Until FIFA realises that and introduces tv replays the only people FIFA should be fining, suspending or banning for allowing the game to be brought into disrepute are the individual FIFA board members themselves.

More later as Brazil v North Korea is about to kick off (and yes I know I need a different photo)

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