Blame Canadian

So Robert Green’s hot-ex Canadian girlfriend dumping him so close to the World Cup finals was what caused his aberration against the Americans.   For his sake I hope not.

Much as I, as a recently separated man, can sympathise with his emotional state after being found surplus to requirements by his partner, if, as a professional keeper whose total concentration was required for such limited periods in that US game, that was all that was required for him to become a liability to his team then he might as well turn in his fat gloves now.

Given the publicity the gorgeous pouting yet previously unknown Elizabeth Minett has received over her possible role (roll?) in the howler, isn’t it much more likely that Green just had one of those days that has plagued England keepers since Gordon Banks’ time and her agent, seeing the opportunity to get her on the inside pages, leapt and grasped that chance with considerably more skill than Green demonstrated in the fraction of a second that will haunt him for the rest of his England career.

Ironically, whilst Ms. Minett reportedly comes from a family famous for its intellectual accomplishments and has been described as very bright (with a 2008 economics degree from the university of Waterloo) either that particular family trait really wasn’t passed in the genes or when, as reported 0n, she said, “I started learning French when I was 3 and am pretty much fluent. I even have a cousin living in Paris who is married to a Frenchman” she suffered a howler of her own, albeit an intellectual one.

I have Italian cousins, real ones born and bred in Italy, yet I can’t speak a word of Italian.  Except the swear words that is.  There is no correlation – not that noticed that (although to be fair they may have been trying to decide which picture to go with at the time).

Then again, of course, since Ms. Minett has dual Canadian and US citizenship and presumably knows things about Green he might not want made public (such as my soon to be ex knows about me), maybe the howler really is evidence of truly sinister forces at work and we should view everyone less than 100% English as potentially part of a conspiracy to stop England from winning what should rightfully be ours this year.

But wouldn’t that mean we should be keeping a very close eye on Fabio, the Italian guy who put the love-sick Green in the net in the first place?

Just one more reason this Anglo-paddy will keep watching, for all our sakes.

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