Ball fix

Bit of a co-incidence that the two best performing teams so far – Argentina and Germany (yes I know Germany lost to Serbia but even with just 10 men they were by far the better side – how Podborski didn’t get a hat-trick is anyone’s guess) – just happen to be representing two of the leagues who used the Jabulani ball for the entire season just finished.

Whilst the rest of the world is having real problems controlling and hitting the ball desired distances, particularly with crosses and free kicks, the Argentines and Germans are making it look easy.

Sure it might just be co-incidence (those two teams do have some of the tournaments best players) but then again knowing how radically different this ball would be, wouldn’t it have been prudent for FIFA to introduce the new ball for the World Cup qualifiers two years ago and add a jolly “South Africa” paint job for the finals so every team had the same chance to get used to it’s unsual flight and avoid the suggestion that certain teams have an unfair advantage?

As for the defence that certain unexpected behaviours are as a result of the altitude, were the ball’s developers not aware that the tournament was to be held in South Africa where the altitude, although obviously a factor, hasn’t changed since South Africa was announced as hosts 6 (?) years ago or were the ball’s developers just having way too much fun in the wind tunnel to think about anything else?

Not, of course, that Adidas will be complaining if Argentina and Germany continue to shine.

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