I registered Fixball.com in 2009, immediately after watching the Barcelona/Chelsea European Champions League semi-final second leg because I was so appalled at the dreadful refereeing which in my view saw Chelsea denied FOUR definite penalties as well as several other probable ones.   I should point out, as a former Leeds fan (a team which has seen more than its fair share of dodgy refereeing calls in its time and whose fans are not known for their generous attitude towards other teams) and the father of a Barcelona fanatic, I am not in the habit of cheering for Chelsea.

The domain remained unused until my dismay at the extent to which poor refereeing decisions in South Africa were denying players the chance to shine, the viewing public the opportunity to enjoy the competition and the game the chance to show North Americans what it is about football (I won’t call it soccer until someone explains why a game in which a ball is thrown from hand to hand is called “football”!) that has captured the hearts and minds of the whole planet, including those deluded Americans playing “catch”.

I like to think of myself as objective and would have been happy for the US to beat England in South Africa had they deserved the win.   Fortunately, having watched the game in a bar full of Americans, the US were as negative, not to mention as poor, as England (albeit with the excuse of being underdogs up against one of the tournament’s supposed favourites) so a draw was the fair result even if a disgraceful one for an England team with such talent.

Hence the Fixball blog, which apparently coincided with FIFA opening their eyes to the extent of the match-fixing problem, but until FIFA gives refs the benefit of the same tv replays the rest of the world use to judge the rights or wrongs of every incident, the biggest obstacle (other than greed) to eradicating match fixing in football is FIFA itself, in my opinion.

(It shouldn’t be necessary to point out to reasonable people with sufficient intelligence to use the internet that everything on this blog is an expression of my personal opinion – what’s a blog if not someone’s opinion – but its never safe to assume the legal profession understands concepts of reasonableness but that’s a different blog.)


20 Responses to About

  1. Nick says:

    How can I best get in touch about a domain that you own?

  2. Moe says:

    I want the vwyyz domain. What would you like for it?

    • fixball says:

      I would like for it to make the world a better place, even if for now that only means telling you something my children were taught very early at school, “He who wants never gets.” They and all their friends, adapted that to “He who wants never gets, cause all you get is cigarettes”.

      Interestingly, very few of those kids are now cigarette smokers. (We live in BC so the clarification is necessary.)

  3. Jack says:

    Hi there,
    I’m not interested in buying a domain or wasting your time. I wanted to ask you an interesting question – perhaps you might be kind enough to reply to this message privately?
    Many thanks,

    • fixball says:

      Post your “interesting question”, marking it “confidential” and I guarantee, within reason, it won’t appear here and if it really is interesting I’d be happy to respond to you privately by telephone, fax, mail or, if you insist, email.

  4. Steve says:


    Interested in buying someboringdomain.com.

    I know you mentioned you’re not interested in selling the other domains (vwxyz.com, !!!!!.com) but I figured I’d follow up anyhow.


  5. Jane says:

    “vwxyz.com”… I would like to talk to you about that domain name.


  6. Adam Weiss says:

    I found your page by going to “vwxyz.com”. Are you open to selling this domain? Thanks.

    • fixball says:

      I am not in the business of trading domain names but I would suggest, if ever you are serious about buying a domain, that you write to its owner using regular mail since email is not worth the paper its written on.

      In any event, if ICANN gets its way all dotcoms, including “vwxyz.com”, will be worthless in a very short time.

      • Adam Weiss says:

        Well, if you send me your address I can write you using real mail. Otherwise, please let me know what type of offer you’d be interested in. Maybe we can work something out. It’s very safe to sell domains without any risk, if you use a 3rd party service like escrow.com, to make sure no one gets ripped off.

      • Adam Weiss says:

        I am actually very confused right now…I don’t know why I entered “vwxyz.com” I am actually interested in xyz!!.com. I really don’t know why I put that name in my first post. Sorry for the confusion. Please let me know if you’re open to selling xyz!!.com.


      • fixball says:

        You didn’t put vwxyz.com so you can stop worrying that you might be going insane!

        I changed the name of the domain to vwxyz.com because I do not wish to encourage anyone else to email me about selling it.

        Then again, since all DotCom domains will be rendered worthless if an ICANN plan, already at an advanced stage, to introduce unlimited numbers of new top level domains goes ahead as currently proposed, you would have to be insane to buy any DotCom right now unless you plan on using the ownership of that DotCom to back a claim to the TLD of the same name. Even then the TLD will probably cost a million dollars or more, even assuming you can demonstrate the right to that TLD which ownership of the DotCom will not guarantee, at least so far as ICANN is concerned!

        Check out ICANN.org, new gTLDs for more information.

        That said, evidently I did not make myself clear the first time. I am not in the business of selling domains nor do I wish to quote a price or invite any sort of offer from you. Thank you and good luck in your search for a suitable domain.

  7. Brian G says:

    Hi, I got forwarded here trying to go to “!!!!!.com.” Would you be interested in selling that domain?

  8. Pavan K says:


    I am interested in buying the !!!!!.com domain you own. Please give me a call at 425 tuv wxyz so that we can discuss this further.


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