I registered Fixball.com immediately after watching the 2009 Barcelona/Chelsea European Champions League semi-final second leg because of my disgust at the dreadful refereeing which, in my opinion (see below), saw Chelsea denied FOUR clear penalties and several possible ones before losing to that glorious last minute Iniesta strike.

As a Leeds fan (a team which has seen more than its fair share of dodgy refereeing calls and whose fans are not known for a generous attitude towards other teams), I am not in the habit of cheering for Chelsea so if I found it hard to believe the outcome of that game was not preordained, if not pre-ordered, I’m sure I was not alone.

Hence the reason for the Fixball blog.

Whilst Fixball hasn’t been exactly active since then I hope to rectify that this 2018 World Cup campaign in Russia, especially as this will be the first World Cup to feature Video Assisted Refereeing.

But I won’t limit my opinions to only football.  Why would I after England’s loss to Scotland yesterday?  At Cricket!

This blog reflects my personal opinion and whilst I like to think of myself as objective & will try to countercheck the natural biases I have as a Leeds supporting Brit, please respond in the Comments section if you disagree with any of my views (the more vehement the objection the better), understanding that any personal information you provide will be used in accordance with the GDPR.


10 Replies to “About”

  1. Hi,
    I noticed the domain #####.com redirects to this page. Is that a domain name you own? I would like to discuss the potential acquisition of it. What is the best way to contact you?

  2. Hi fixball,
    I’ve read the above comments. I can see you’re not interested in domain trading. But you also say that you’re interested in bettering the world. I’d like to buy your DotCom domain to make a traveling education experience. I’d be happy to tell you more if an act of service is more interesting to you than a mere monetary transaction.

    I agree that I’m not happy with the way net regulations are going. However, until that point, it’s the place to spread the word about good ideas.


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