Swiss bank a shocker.

Spain, one of the favourites to win the entire competition and currently one of Europe’s so-called “PIGGS” staring  economic meltdown in the face, loses, without demonstrating anything like the same desire to win it that was evident in their real desire not to lose it, for the first time, to rank outsiders, Switzerland.

Switzerland, better known for banks and bank accounts than for its sporting achievements is home not only to FIFA and the International Olympic Committee but also to the Court of Arbitration for Sport, the organisation which together with FIFA fined Mutu, formerly of Chelsea, £14 million for doing only what many successful bankers are doing every night of the week, if Wall Street and other Hollywood movies are anything to go by.

My guess is that this otherwise incredible decision must be due to the fact that when twenty-something footballers make mistakes, their fans go home really upset whereas when bankers, of twenty-something and up, make mistakes we just go home poorer, assuming we (especially Mutu) still have homes to go home to.

Strange that this story which dates back to 2004 should have made headlines now right in the middle of the 2010 World Cup but what a stick for FIFA to remind players, many of whom will be undergoing drug tests during the event, that it has in its bag.

Thank heavens theres no such thing as a corrupt dope tester and its impossible to tamper with the results.

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